Acting For Film

Katy Albert & Emily Eddy

Chicago, IL, USA


DV Tape

Acting is hard and if it's cold it can get even harder. Acting for Film spotlights one honest actress just trying to make it in an industry dominated by irony. Nipple acting sure isn’t what it used to be.

My Parents are on Tinder

Sean Parker, Austin Hillebrecht &

Simone McAlonen

Portland, Oregon, USA



Smoke weed everyday and try to get used to the 'rents swiping on their tablets. This local comedy mixes solid humor with killer acting and editing to make this sweet little giggle party.

Land of the Free?

Alissa Brasington, Liam Campbell, Brian Cawley, Lakota Dodging Horse, Ken Egu, C. Leigh Goldsmith, Haley Hudkins, Hannah Kreiswirth, Kaitlyn Leewing, Sequoyah Madison, Molly Murphy, Patrice Pinardo, & Chenglin Xie

Los Angeles, CA, USA



No one is free because we have failed as a Union. No one can be free as long groups are divided or marginalized. A group of USC students use animation in search of freedom for us all.

Nasty Woman

Hayleyann Evers & Paige Scofield

Portland, Oregon, USA



Pacific Northwest filmmaker Hayleyann Evers opens the Friday night block with a war torn plea for equality as the forces that be attempt to keep her down. Her film Nasty Woman is a fusion of poetry, dance, cinematography, and editing in search of determination and empowerment.

Mata Laya Pata

Kevin Vu

Brooklyn NY, USA




Winner of 2018’s Best Art Direction; Mata Laya Pata is a mantra to help you discover your self worth. 33 year old Tracy always seems to find herself a little behind the rest of the group. Join us as Kathy and Cathy guide her through the darkness to find her stronger self as others fail.


Kaeto Sweeney

Paris, France



On the streets of Paris walks a barefoot water dancer known as Martine. Filmmaker Kaeto Sweeney explores an unattainable, obscure obsession with an undefinable spirit from The City of Light. Martine is a complex quest to understand love and human sexuality using a sophisticated lens.


Lisa Oliveri

Boston, MA, USA


Mixed // Over 15 years of footage

Blindsided is a film composed of 15 years of home movies and documentary footage to create a portrait of Patricia Livingstone’s life. Livingstone is an artist slowly losing her vision and hearing. As her senses slowly fade, the truth about her life comes into focus. In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month we will be screening and discussing this film.


Micah Vassau

San Francisco, CA, USA



What happens when the Devil steals the baby of a bewildered sex addict? Pandemonium and debauchery are just the beginning. Shot on S-VHS, this feature length film from Micah Vassau is a stunningly intricate examination of sex, religion, and the intersections of human desires. Innovative jagged storytelling and editing meander us through contemptible adventures to find a baby we never knew we loved.

The Contract


Turku, Finland Proper, Finland



Set in a perfectly normal suburban neighborhood, actress Carolotta Moore lives in a perfectly normal house, has a perfectly normal dog, and does perfectly normal activities. This is a nice pleasant film with very few surprises and filth. Children only allowed with extremely progressive parents.


Ranbir Sidhu

New York, NY, USA



Ranbir Sidhu directs a world of simplicity and intimacy amid a complex world. This character study set in a New York City apartment embraces the effortlessness of true friendship.


Marinah Janello

Rhode Island, USA




It's the third year of The Unknown and the third appearance by filmmaker Marina Janello. Her most recent pic, Entropia, is a storybook approach to one woman's quest for the fountain of youth. Janello establishes a tightrope of lunacy and needlework never yet explored, as we take an isolated journey with a complex character who we share more in common with than we'd like to admit.

1st Day & Next Minute

Sara Koppel



Hand Drawn

Original music, drawings, and perspective puts Sara Koppel at the top of the pack. Her film to close out the fest is hand drawn on paper.  HAND DRAWN ON PAPER!

N'goma - The Work of Our Clan

Frank Gunderson

Tallahasssee, FL, USA



Killer after party with a killer beat. Come blow off the stress with filmmakers and festival organizers. Ancient Pools, Lisa Vazquez, and Speck will be sharing their sounds from the stage of The World Famous Kenton Club.


Zablah // Rachel Nakawatase, Ryan Betschart

Steps to Balance 1-5 // Molly Garrett

Breakfast // Sijia Huang

Strong Culture // Jarryd O'Keefe

Smile - Tales From Pussy Willow // Kate Jessop

Postpartum // Julia Barbee

aNGˈzīədē // Jayden Becker

When You Say Love II // Michelle Lee Salnaitis

Creatures of Habit // Josh Drake

MASC // Dylan Walker

Out Back, Behind the Shrubs // Kyle Mangione-Smith

The Fox Trap // Kyle Mangione-Smith

The Collector // Matthew von Dayton, Stefen Holtrey

Mastic // Sara Gold

Lola // Lily Fears

Beth's three o'clock with Dr. Harlow // Emma Penaz Eisner

Voices // Ellie Hodgetts

The War // Jaime Ekkens

Ambiguous by Strapless // Darren Borrowman

ID // Huangzhi Tang

Little Skeleton // Jennifer Levonian

For His Sake; For His Pleasure // Hugo Ljungbäck

Elisir, Aves, & Saturatiorem: A Triptych // Mireille Heidbreder

like evenly spaced plants // Nicole Rayburn

Gone Sale // Matt Meindl

Inseyed // Jessica Hudak

Cathy's Closet // Calvin McCarthy

Meat Wrapped In Dough // Tracy Park

it was a silly thing to say... and i'm so sorry // Larry Wang

but Larry... // Larry Wang

Sugar - Karma Knows // Justin Frick

Music Videos

If You Met Her // Palehound // Tom Quigley, Sara Tesh, Michael Escobar

DaDaDa // Secret Drum Band // Liz Vaughan

Home // Mahogany Jones // Jayne Marie Smith

Extreme // India Czajkowska & Kuba Lasocki // India Czajkowska

No Bad News // Mélat // Isaac Rodriguez

Baby Love // Fitness Forever // Carlos Ruano, Borja Muñoz

Scandal // Bashton & Megalopolis // Pablo Mengin

Nite Bites // Faded Away // Clément Oberto

creatures // hazy // Karen Zolo

Trembly Fog // Late Spring // Karen Zolo

Lightly Brightly // MAPA // Sebastian Juszczyk

Pytam // Chilli Crew // Sebastian Juszczyk

Ain't Over // idesia // Kelsey Boncato, Daniel Oldham

Locket // Crumb // Haoyan of America

Used To // Pinky Verde // Heather Jensen

Fever Dreams // Dirty Bird // Stella Rosen

Ancient Shields // Water Flower // Sabine Moore

Child // Aimee Norwich // Aimee Norwich

His Physique // Velodrome // Katherine Christie Evans

Golden Twenty // BBQT // Chris O'Neill

Solicitous // Drekoty // Zuzanna Plisz

Calling for the light // Chaemini // Yujie Xu, Felix Buxton

Be Brave // Bells Atlas // Dominic Mercurio

We Are Not Ourselves // Foxtails Brigade // Dominic Mercurio

Bobo // Izzy True // Pacco Ortiz Casillas

Etherous Claws // Etherous Claws Anarcheon // Markham Samuels

A Woman with Pockets // SILKess Demon // Nicholas Clifford

State Fair // Megan Hattie // Megan Hattie Stahl



Mix Tape

Promo Video