Cat Call




Portland, Oregon, USA

Not for the faint of heart! Be aware of the feminist acts from the future. Watch out men of the world, it's a changing place and he better respect it or lose IT.

San and the Oakman go to Las Vegas




New York, New York, USA

A buddy picture filled with atypical tropes created in the vain of an experimental narrative. Jusssst kiddiiiing, as soon as that alimony check comes in, San and The Oakman go to places way better than Navadaaaaasssss.

Troll: A Southern Tale



Digital / Super 8

Boston, MA / Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA

Filmmaker Marinah Janello returns with her work Troll: A Southern Tale. Encrusted in ambiguity and irony, Troll stars a Mississippian anti-heroic internet troll begging the audience to decipher truth and fiction in a distorted paradise landscape. A favorite among The Unknown judges, Troll offers insight on a subculture many struggle to understand.

We Still Together




Genuine and with heart, a super relatable four minute gem.  We Still Together’s authenticity is the perfect embodiment of this festival’s core values.

Scream King - a porn stud blood bath




Port Orchard, Washington, USA

Last years proud winner of Worst Film creates another Pacific Northwest jewel. A meta b-film horror spectacle packed with dark humor that can only explain itself.





Lisbon, Portugal

A slow patient film about isolation, love, mortality, and pushing buttons.

Long Life Sutra




Thessaloniki, Greece

Graphic Warning. This film is very real. It depicts the strong differences in the way animals are treated within in a single culture. Shot from an unopinionated viewpoint, Kostas Chritis allows the audience to watch various interactions between animals and humans in life and death, and decide. By tugging at our contemporary American sensibilities, this film makes us wonder who we are, and where we stand in the web of life.

Sign of the Whale




Point Arena, California, USA

A wonderfully Pacific Northwest film set on the mysterious North Coast. Delightfully developed characters and small town quirk, trap an unsuspecting man in local lore and suspicious oddities. Sign of the Whale combines charming folk artistry and mature filmmaking to create an other worldly tale.

Distressed Tape



VHS / Digitally Captured

Birmingham, UK

Ruin your favorite VHS and play it loud! This contemporary meditative film invokes the inner turmoil of the inconvenience all around us. Distressed Tape plays before each session, when it plays: SETTLE IN, SHUT THE FUCK UP, & ENJOY THE DAMN SHOW





Tarzana, California, USA

Food, sex, virtual reality, repeat.



Trans"format"ive Best


Found Footage

Sebastopol, California, USA

Winner of 2017 Trans”format”ive Best is an exploration in found footage and what it means to be happy. Filmmaker Joy Risk uses a rare opportunity to look back at a documented life and demonstrates how we are all shaped by our experiences.



The Folk Award


Super 8

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

​Winner of The Folk Award for the 2017 season. Gun is a peek at innocence retained through tragedy while the pillars around crumble under the inability to cope. Haven Nutt depicts the strength and naivety of children in this film straight from the soul.

Born Dead


Joe Couch Award in Experimentation



Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

A throwback to early experimental film by way of Maya Deren and Sergi Eisenstin, Born Dead adds much needed sexuality and feminism to the story of the crucifixion. Riddled with blood and ritualism, filmmaker Caitlin Driscoll takes us down a Hi-8 journey from wine to resurrection. This year’s winner of The Joe Couch Award in Experimentation depicts “a torrid affair between good and evil, flesh and death.”

das Eichhörnchen



35mm - 24fps

Portland, Oregon, USA

Who knew that the life of a squirrel could so closely resemble that of many today? This stop motion rodent can do it all; he smokes, drinks, jerks it, and is subject to his own self loathing. This little squirrel may be the most relatable character in this years festival.


Civilized Landscapes / Taryn Ward

Flaws / Anthony Bradley

The Abandoned Zoo / Ethan Kogan

What I Saw / John Gigrich

A Taste For It / Oliver David

When the Giant Says the Bookstore Is Closing / Patrick Delhougne

To The Moon / Gianni Francesco De Giuseppe

 Sketchophrenic-Official Music Video / Dannie Sullivan

 Mask / Katie Speare

Collapsing /  Non Films

The Queen - Story of Mary Stuart in 2 minutes / Shihyun Wang

Cheating / Justin Katz

Dear Dylan / Jenell Diegor

Cup & Sea /  Henry Dane

Paper Chase / Betschart Bros

Poker Hands / Viraj Phanse

Proctovac 1000 / Goren Henry

Indigo Ocean / Sierra Ward


The Circle Game / Angela Blake

She Never Felt The Cold / JD Gardner

Deep In the Heart Of Texting / Michael McCallum

A Reverse Fib / Tom Bessoir

Plastic Flowers / Cory Pratt

Kansay's Glorious Death / Chris Sagovac

Vice Versa / Noah Lalonde

Donna Tramp: Rose Talk / Cassandra Harner

Hail to the Lion / John Patishnock

Kitchen's Orchestra / Tina Krüger

Oculus Orbit / Eugen Bekafigo

zoë / Nicholas Pilapil

Exposure / Lucas Rios

The Artist's Statement / Jeff Vande Zande

Ukelele Song / Isa Feliu

Bus Bugs / Jessica Blaquiere

Zoorini / Steve Vasiliou

For Cereal Lovers Only / Andrew ChingBeeMoon / Wolfgang Weigl

misfire / Miles Sprietsma

SoaR / Taryn Ward

shadows of a radio in the east / Nacho Recio

Something is Wrong / Teo Jansen

Individuality / Luis Moreno

Manspreading / Rachel Ara

Dead Bed / LeeVander Boegh

Mike Coykendall - Crazy in Kansas / Charlie Maxton

Barbie for Adults - Chainsaw / Liri Navon

Reverie in A Four by Four / Anita Soleimani Zohrshiri

Made In Taiwan / Jason Rosenblatt

Tiny Pieces / Cherry Ayala

Walter’s Weakening / Vince Breheny

Another Ghost Story / Ray Vagge

On The Inside / Amelia Gilday

In Deez Woodz / Andrew Bobrek

Go for your dreams! / Shihyun Wang

USA Other News / Jason Defreitas

Position / Vladimir Bayandin

Paws n Claws / Gabrielle Kash

Muscle Memory / Flo Miles

I'm Beautiful / Noah Lalonde

Love Letter To My Driveway / Taryn Ward

The silence of the sky / Jubrail Abubaker

A Brief Exchange / Sydney Schwab

THIS IS HOW WE FEEL / Stephen Cohen

The Pizza Wrangle / Troy Hale

Night Clerk / Damon Mohl

gutterball / Samantha Gurry

To Dream / Holly Lane

The Rocky Roads / Robert Kleinschmidt

House / Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson

Music Videos

Miasmatic // Hainbach // Nani Gutiérrez // Germany

TURNT // Needleman (Gamebwahcrunk Remix) by Beneboi // Atton Paul // USA

Mon Amour // BJ Sam // --- // Mali

Mountain // The Sunflowers // Júlio Dantas // Portugal

Picasso Leaning // Tasha The Amazon // Colin G Cooper // Canada

Strange Thinker // CYESM // Benjamin Juhel // France

Falling // Just Waves // Hayley Lemm // UK

St. Anthony // Terminal A // David Tamargo // USA

Poems from Ramayana // Emelvi // BRBR Films // Spain

Super Douche Mega Goof // Jerk in the Can // Marc Blaquiere // Canada

Ego // The Tripas Corazón // Gabriel Muelle // Colombia

GHSTS777_1 // Gabriel Muelle // Gabriel Muelle // Colombia

Vertical Lines // Leather Hands // Miles Flanagan // USA/UK

Look Around You // NLV // Toni Juričić // Croatia

I Feel Better / The Circle Game // Francisco The Man // Johnny Coffeen & Wox Rincones // USA

Bath Salts // Jerk in the Can // Jessica & Marc Blaquiere // Canada

Having // Fun // Kulululu // Kulululu // USA

Madness // Maciek Sawoch // Adrian Szczepaniak // Poland

Starheart // HOTT MT // Matthew Kaundart // USA

gutterball // Scallion Jake // Sam Gurry // USA

I Know // JC Triple Threat // Tareita Nephew // ---

Watch It Burn // Tasha The Amazon // Colin G Cooper // Canada

Dream Come True // Teton // Dustin Houston // USA

Hello // Miles Flanagan // Miles Flanagan // USA

Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men // TFG // Johnny Chiba // USA

Distreeto Federal // Ruido y Furia // Aranzazu Zamora // Mexico

Ma Vie en Bleu // Electric Mantis // Aerin Paige Albinson // UK

Techno Hippie // Calo Mesa // Jon Meyer // USA

So What If I Couldn't Take It // Jeffrey Lewis // Zachary Weinstein // USA

You Say You Love Me ft Tawanna Shaunte // The Kifffness // Quinton Lavery // South Africa

Island's Eye // Pool Moon Elephant // Ivan Nurchis // Switzerland

Night // The Forbin Project // Dylan Hamilton-Smith // USA

Paper Chase // BLACKHANDPATH // Ryan Betschart // USA

Wanting You (ft. Supreme Sol) // Handbook // Mia Ginaé // USA

Crazy in Kansas // Charlie Maxton // Mike Coykendall // USA

In Deez Woodz // Creatures From The Woodz // Andrew Bobrek // USA

A woman who has gone through me // Roman Sulima // Aleksandra Brovchenko // Ukraine

Paycheck // Dior Worthy // Patrick Wilcox // USA

Theme from President Wolfman // Mike Davis // Miles Flanagan // USA

Spooky // A Volcano // Nathan Sonenfeld // USA

Toxic Zombie // Embrace the Horror // Jason Rosenblatt // USA

Eating // Este // Baby Couch // USA

TRUMP ET IRAN // Baba Juno // Baba Juno // ---

Stand Out Of My Sunlight // Appletree // Gabrie Muelle // Colombia

Bus Bugs // Jerk in the Can // Jessica & Marc Blaquiere // Canada

Hymn to Merde // Darko Vukic // Darko Vukic // Serbia

Proto // Moon // Felix & Julian Moser // Germany